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Salgado Filho Airport resumes passenger boarding and disembarking on July 15

Salgado Filho Airport, in Porto Alegre (RS), will resume boarding and disembarking passengers from July 15th as announced by Fraport Brasil, the concessionaire that manages the airport.

However, landings and takeoffs will continue to take place at Canoas Air Base. .

So far, the transfer of passenger boarding and disembarking is being carried out at ParkShopping in Canoas.

With the change, passenger processing and security checks will once again be carried out at Salgado Filho Passenger Terminal (TPS).

Operations at Porto Alegre airport were interrupted in early May due to the floods that affected Rio Grande do Sul.

According to Fraport, the resumption of operations at Salgado Filho will use part of the TPS (floors 2 and 3) that was not affected by the flood.

According to the dealership, this must streamline boarding, disembarking and security inspection procedures for a greater number of passengers.

How it will work

The Passenger Terminal is undergoing renovations, and the structure has been adapted to allow the use of the international area for both check-in and boarding on a temporary basis.

According to Fraport, entry to the TPS will be via the external ramp that leads to the 2nd floor, with exclusive access via doors 5 and 6.

Check-in and baggage drop-off will take place in the international check-in area.

Passengers must go up to the 3rd floor to go through security screening in the international boarding area. After screening, they will follow the signs to the buses that will take them to Canoas Air Base.

Passengers disembarking at the Base will be transported to Porto Alegre Airport, where they will collect their luggage at the Bus Station.

No passenger may leave the Base directly without being accompanied by the concessionaire and airline teams.

Possible reopening in October

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, stated on July 3 that Salgado Filho Airport could be reopened in October of this year.

Fraport completed the cleaning of the passenger terminal on July 1 and will continue with the recovery of equipment necessary for the airport’s operation.

See how it turned out:

Source: CNN Brasil

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