Salma Hayek confesses that she cried when she saw “her brown face” in a Marvel superhero costume

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Salma Hayek is one of the most loved Latin actresses in Hollywood. In addition, she is a businesswoman, producer and her success could increase after participating in the new film of the Marvel Cinematographic Universe: The Eternals.

Precisely, this latest film work has moved the actress to tears. In a recent interview in which she was asked about her experience as a superhero, the actress confessed to having cried when she saw her “brown face” in a superhero costume, because she never imagined that a Latin person would be given the opportunity to be in this role. This is because superheroes have a classic physical stereotype that has rarely been broken.

In an interview, Salma Hayek explained how she received the news that she would be Ajak, the leader of the Eternals. The actress confessed that the first time she put on the suit she was moved, because for years, Latinos have waited for the opportunity to star in a film of this style and magnitude.

When I put it on (the suit) I started crying. Not that soap opera, but tears came to my eyes and I said: ‘What happened here?’ The image gave me something and I thought why, I saw my brown face! … I saw my brown face in the hero costume and when I saw my face, I saw your face, I saw my girlish face, which had to have so much courage to dream great, I saw the faces of all the girls.

It was a great thing. And I realized that a door had been opened where I did not enter alone, but that behind that suit we were all Latinos together who were waiting so much for this moment.

The actress also said that she teased the invitation a bit by telling director Chloé Zhao that for the first time, she would not be cleaning tables or being the person who makes the leads laugh.

In this tape, Hayek gives life to Ajak, the leader of the Eternals and who originally in the comic, is a man. The film is already in theaters and although it has not had the expected success during its premiere, its numbers at the box office are expected to increase as the days go by.

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