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Salma Hayek goes natural and sends a message to women to embrace her age

Salma Hayek is living a great moment in her career, because since the film was released Eternals, the actress has made it clear that anyone can fulfill their dreams. At 52, Salma looks confident, but best of all, she is incredibly happy inside and out, which is why she often shares photos in which she is seen without any filter.

Just a few days ago, he surprised everyone by showing his gray hair and also because he sent a powerful message about embracing the age to live fully and very happily.

Salma Hayek does not hide her age

With a photograph published on her Instagram account, the actress sent a powerful message to women so that they begin to embrace their age and their gray hair, because no matter the time, they are all absolutely beautiful.

I am proud of my gray hair.

To be 52 years old, she is embracing her beauty very well

The famous Mexican actress is not afraid to show her wrinkles and her natural face.

Always looks spectacular

Salma Hayek showing off her gray hair

The publication has already reached more than 400 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments in which the compliments were immediate, congratulating her for loving herself that way. Due to this simple photograph, Salma is showing that all women must accept their years because true beauty comes from having confidence in yourself and in the passage of time.

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