Salon with naked women in a skyscraper in Dubai


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A riot broke out in the United Arab Emirates when naked women came out on a skyscraper balcony in Dubai, something that was also recorded by cameras, as a result, relevant videos were also leaked. Authorities were immediately informed, with police making arrests.

Violations of public decency law in the country, including nudity and “obscene conduct”, carry sentences of up to six months in prison and a fine of 5,000 dirhams (just over 1,000 euros).

Sharing pornographic material is also punishable by imprisonment and heavy fines under the country’s laws – under Islamic law or Sharia.

According to Sky News, the state-run newspaper The National reported that the incident appeared to be an “advertising ploy”, but did not go into details.

However, according to information cited by the Sun, the whole scene was an event organized by a website from Israel, which was the one that put in its services a total of 15 models.

Dubai Police say those detained over the video have been brought to justice. “Such unacceptable behavior does not reflect the values ​​and ethics of Emirati society,” the statement said.

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