Salvatore Esposito: “The beauty of the second time”

Salvatore Esposito: “The beauty of the second time”

Salvatore Esposito è Genny Savastano, Salvatore Esposito could not be more different from Genny Savastano, the boss of Gomorrah who changed his life and to whom he will say goodbye next autumn. Neapolitan, 35 years old, raised in a suburb that could be very difficult, with a passion for acting as always, at just over twenty he changed the cards he had in his hand: a permanent contract in a fast-food restaurant for an acting course in Rome. The rest of the story, we all know it.

A Gomorrah, Fargo, now adds a movie for Sky (Rosanero) who is filming and writing a novel, the first. Title, The Shaman (in bookstores for Sperling & Kupfer). A gripping thriller, with several references to the paranormal. The protagonist, the investigator Christian Costa, expert in ritual crimes. «It’s always an emotion when you create something of your own», says the actor, «Regardless of the result, I always try to give my all and then I’m curious to understand. To understand what came out of something that took me so long. ‘ The Shaman decided to write it in Chicago, on the set of the fourth season of Fargo:“For some time I have been trying to write, to think of characters that I would like to play, and so he came to mind. His biography, his past, his trauma came out. And I also put into it what has conditioned me ».

Meaning what?
“My father was adopted, certainly he is very different from being raised in an orphanage, but this trauma remains in the mind of those who are adopted, of those who have been abandoned. Not feeling part of something marks you, and I wanted to tell about a marked person. The Shaman has managed to transform this pain into a technique, into what is his talent. It’s always one step ahead ».

What fascinates you about the paranormal?
«« I have studied the rites for a long time. I prepared, informed, I went to the discovery of popular beliefs. For me it’s the classic “it’s not true, but I believe it”. I have always been passionate about stories that cannot be explained, what is not natural, what is not tangible ».

Aren’t they afraid of you?
“No. Even what I don’t know I try to live with curiosity and never with fear ».

How much of her is there in Christian?
“I hid a lot of things about myself in Christian, but if I had to find a point of similarity with him, I’d say we’re both great observers. Before developing a strategy, I wait ».

In addition, she too has by now a great knowledge of the criminal world.
«I psychoanalysed Genny for 7 years, I know very well what a criminal’s mentality can be. Genny has been and will always be with me, it is something that was born from my work and that of the people around me ».

Did you ever feel trapped in that role?
“No, the profession of the modern actor has changed, today TV series are a universe apart, I’m not afraid to play bulky characters, which you then struggle to get rid of”

In the thanks for the book he wrote: «To Paola, love of my life. To my parents Assunta and Giuseppe. To my sister Anna and my brother Christian, pillars of my life ».
“They are the people who make me who I am, who make sure that I don’t get caught up in easy stardom or easy success.”

Do you always watch a lot of TV series?
«(rhere, ed). Yes I recently reviewed for the third time Game of Thrones. When I like something, I love to see it again. I love to observe the actor’s work, the staging, all details that escape the first glance. The second time, or even the third time, you manage to grasp everything that had escaped you. And I always give a second chance, except when the first time went very badly ».

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