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Sam Altman granted Indonesian golden visa

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has become the first foreigner to receive an Indonesian Golden Visa. This was reported Bloomberg.

“The country’s immigration authorities have given Altman a 10-year visa because he has a good international reputation and can benefit Indonesia,” Immigration Director General Silmi Karim said.

The ChatGPT co-founder, among other benefits, will be able to count on fast screening at airports and simplified paperwork.

A new type of visa, introduced last week to boost Indonesia’s economic development, allows foreign investors to stay in the country for five to ten years.

In June 2023, ChatGPT and Worldcoin founder Sam Altman visited Jakarta. However, it is not known whether he applied for a golden visa or what investments he made in the country.

Meanwhile, regulators in many countries around the world, including Kenya, France and Argentina, have begun checking the Worldcoin cryptocurrency project.

In August, Vitalik Buterin received the “golden card” of Taiwan. It gives the right to work and live in the country for three years.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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