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Saman Abbas, the father was extradited to Italy: where is the mother?

There is one person still missing among those charged and accused of the murder of Saman Abbas. She is the girl’s mother: Nazia Shaheen. She is 50 years old. She is the only woman among the five accused for the murder and is the only one who has so far escaped arrest. Nothing has been officially known about her since May 1, 2021 when she embarked with her husband for Pakistan.

Since then, international searches have never stopped, but she is officially still on the run. For 28 months. It was always assumed that she was in Pakistan. The husband, arrested in November and extradited to Italy in recent days, however said: “My wife is not here, she is in Europe”.

Impossible to forget the latest images of Saman taken by the cameras in Novellara. She was with her mother, still unaware of her fate. She would have been killed shortly after by her family and her body would have been buried in the Reggio countryside. The woman, after deceiving her daughter, had left Malpensa with her husband for Pakistan on May 1 two years ago, the day after the presumed date of Saman Abbas’ death.

The two were filmed at boarding at Malpensa airport. And then the lives of the two seem to have separated. He has sometimes been seen in his village. Instead, the woman would have returned to live with her family of origin, a family that would be powerful with ties to the police.
In Italy, the woman seemed submissive to her husband, she would have been the one to convince her daughter as soon as she came of age to return home, guaranteeing her that things would change, that there would be no forced marriage that the young woman did not want. From the images, however, it is she who walks with the girl on the evening of April 30, 2021, a few steps near the house before handing over to whoever will kill her.

The prosecutor of Reggio Emilia, Gaetano Paci explained to Republic: «The precautionary framework is not completed and we will continue to work to ensure that the order is fully enforced. We will continue to work in silence because the Pakistani reality is complex and we are talking about a region – the one in which the woman is presumably hiding – which has 110 million inhabitants, but that is the goal”.

In addition to his father, who arrived in Italy with the first case of extradition request accepted by Pakistan, his cousins ​​Ikram Ijaz and Nomanulhaq Nomanulhaq and his uncle Danish Hasnain were brought to justice. Nazia is on trial, in absentia, for the murder of Saman with the others. The next hearing is set for Friday 8 September. One of Saman’s brothers will testify in the courtroom, he will testify against his own family for the first time.

Source: Vanity Fair

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