Saman Abbas, the remains of a body found near the house of relatives

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There may be one breakthrough in the case of Saman Abbasthe eighteen-year-old Pakistani who disappeared from Novellara, in the province of Reggio Emilia, in April 2021. In an abandoned country house a few hundred meters from the house where the girl lived with her family, they found the remains of a body. They were in a black bag. There is no official confirmation – it will be necessary to carry out all the checks and analyzes – but it could be Saman’s body. Also because the find arrived a few days after thearrest of Shabbar Abbas, the father of Saman. The man, on whom an international arrest warrant was pending, was blocked in Pakistan last November 15, where he was fled in May 2021 with his wife (who is still wanted).

The two parents, according to the reconstruction of the Italian investigators, killed the girl (along with three other relatives, all in prison) because they wanted to rebel against family traditions: they had rejected a pre-defined wedding and had had an affair with an Italian boy. There is a recorded conversation of her father: “I killed my daughter and I do not regret it.” There was also an agreementextended to the whole family, so that no one would reveal the murder of Saman and the manner of execution.

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The girl’s body had been searched far and wide after her disappearance on April 30, 2021, but every attempt had been in vain. Yesterday evening the carabinieri returned near Saman’s house and dug up a body. The Ris are now on the field in Novellara, to collect each useful element. Only in the next few hours, or perhaps in the next few days, will it be known for sure whether the turning point of the mystery has really been reached.

On other occasions gods emerged human remains that were examined by the carabinieri experts: the first ones in a canal in Maranello – it was September 2021 – but the assumptions that it was Saman were denied by the analyzes of the Ris who identified the animal origin of the finds, of boar or pork. Then, two months later, a bone was found in the Po, in the Lido a Boretto area, near Novellara. Again he was not connected to the young woman.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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