Samantha Jones we will miss you. Also for these 11 fashion reasons


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«And just like that…the story continues…», The revival of Sex and the city, wanted by HBO, will be there. To confirm this are precisely Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis e Cynthia Nixon – respectively Carrie, Charlotte e Miranda – on their respective Instagram profiles. We return to New York, to relive the love stories and friendship of the most beloved New York girls in the world, now over 50. What happened to them ?, he asks himself in an SJP post.

Of Samantha Jones, alas, we already know the answer: will not work alongside her friends of the small screen at the behest of the actress who gave her body and soul, Kim Cattrall. Cattrall, in fact, was faithful to what had already been declared at the time when there were rumors of a possible involvement in a third film; she would no longer play Jones, never everbecause she wouldn’t be good at something she didn’t want to do. And also because, let’s face it, his relations with Parker were no longer as optimal as they were at the time of the TV series (or perhaps they never were). His absence will be felt, and a lot, given that from the first episode of the TV series to the end credits of the last film his character was the one who, in the most shameless way, made fun of – teaching us a lot – about sex.

So we couldn’t help but wonder – forgive us Carrie we borrowed your reporter’s bout – what, on the fashion side, we really learned from Sam. There are 11 reasons why we will miss Sam – but we could have gone on forever – and you can find them in the gallery. Because one of the many truths of the fabulous Samantha says it herself: “at least once in my life I have tried everything », including floral bucket hats, the zebra print instead of the iconic leopard print and a pair of shoes in perfect mood with his dinner. And certainly Sam has managed to escape from the comfort zone very well, in bed but also in the wardrobe, with her noisy, over the top and consciously far from the label of clothes appropriate to her age looks. And we, for that, will be eternally grateful to you.

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