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Samba schools decide to increase the time of Carnival 2025 parades in Rio

samba schools in Carnival carioca decided, this Tuesday (11), increase by 10 minutes the timing of each school’s parades starting next year. The groups will now have 70 to 80 minutes to cover the Marquis of Sapucaí — before it was 60 to 70 minutes.

The decision was taken by the schools themselves in a plenary meeting, where changes were also determined in relation to the judging booths. From 2025, there will be four judging modules spread across the avenue, two on the even side and two on the odd side, and no more double booths.

Last month, the Liesa (Independent League of Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro) had already decided, also in plenary, that the parades of the Samba schools of the Rio de Janeiro Special group will go from two to three days also from next year.

In this new configuration, four schools will present on each date, with judges’ scores closed at the end of each day. “As part of this initiative, we want to enable a reduction in the price of the stands, with the aim of making tickets even more accessible”, said the president of Liesa, Gabriel David at the time.

The special group’s parades will take place on March 2, 3 and 4, 2025. The first day will be opened by Unidos de Padre Miguel, current champion; the second will start with Unidos da Tijuca, 11th in the Special Group; and the third by Mocidade, 10th in the Special group.

The top six placed will return to Champions Saturday.

Source: CNN Brasil

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