Samsung Launches New Galaxy S23 Line Feb 1; see what to expect

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Samsung’s next release is expected to hit the Brazilian market on February 1st. THE Galaxy S23 line consisting of three device models — the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra — will be launched at a physical event in San Francisco, in the United States.

Here in Brazil, it will be possible to follow the event on the company’s YouTube channel and social networks from 2:45 pm (Brasília time), or visit the interactive Galaxy Experience Spaces exhibition, where users will be able to test the different features included in the Galaxy 23 line .

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In São Paulo, the space will be held in a pop-up store at Shopping Eldorado, in the west zone of São Paulo. The start and end dates of the event are still to be announced.

200 megapixel camera is featured

Samsung announced a series of new features for the line of devices – which promises to go head-to-head with Apple’s latest line, the IPhone 14.

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For Arthur Igreja, specialist in Technology and Innovation, the device’s camera is, by far, the biggest highlight of the launch. With 200 megapixels in the Ultra model, the expectation is that it will take better quality night images. For reference, the baseline Galaxy S22 works with 50 megapixels — the IPhone 14, with 48 megapixels.

The Galaxy S23 and S23+ will have 50 megapixel cameras. Image quality is also highlighted by the quality of the device’s screen, which will be better than the IPhone 14.

“Today, the least relevant function of the telephone is actually being a telephone. If you take the presentation of new devices from any of these technology companies, the attention given to the camera is increasing over time. It is a central part”, he evaluates.

In addition, another great expectation is the processor of the devices, which promises more efficiency and durability. Lucas Cabral, from the Institute of Technology and Society (ITS) in Rio de Janeiro, believes that the technology will compete with Apple’s processor, until then a reference in the market.

Cabral also highlights the Wifi and Bluetooth of the devices, which should come with better connection and stability. Another novelty is also the eSIM, in which the user no longer needs the physical chip to access a cell phone number, since it works digitally. Apple had already implemented the technology in its line of iPhones 12.

Prices can still scare

The company did not disclose the values ​​for the Galaxy23 line. However, the experts consulted by the CNN they say it shouldn’t be different from the brand’s latest releases: prices should be hefty for consumers and the curious.

For reference, the last three most entry-level phones in the lineup launched at the following prices:

Samsung Galaxy S22: R$5,999/ US$799
Samsung Galaxy S21: R$5,999/ US$799
Samsung Galaxy S20: R$ 5,499 / US$ 999

Church states that there are two types of consumers: the so-called early-adopters (early adopters, in English translation), those who will buy the phone regardless of the price the brand offers it; and those who wait for the release, as they know that the price of older models, such as the S22 and S21, will be reduced, giving them a chance to acquire the device.

The expert believes that prices will continue along these lines, with devices treated as a luxury item by brands. With this “VIP thinking”, according to him, the tendency is for supply to decrease and prices to increase.

Despite loyalty, competition with Apple continues

For experts, there is a market that is completely loyal to Apple, which will not participate in the launch on the 1st. “Apple enthusiasts won’t let go of Apple, even if the phone costs the price of an older car. It’s a status”, argues Cabral.

The same applies to Samsung. Igreja claims that the market is currently consolidated and stable. “However, this S23 line comes to clash with the IPhone 14”, he believes.

Still, the expert believes that the company has created other alternatives to compete with the rival, through more innovative options such as the Flip and Fold line — of folding cell phones. “Samsung is investing too much in this, especially in markets like Asia, for example, sales have been quite expressive”, he explains.

Despite news on both sides, for the Church, it has been a while since this medium has seen a radical change. “This market has become an absolutely incremental one.”

* Under the supervision of Ana Carolina Nunes

Source: CNN Brasil

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