Samsung unveils ‘stretchable e-skin’

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Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has unveiled a working prototype of a stretchable OLED display that glues to skin and acts as a fitness tracker. It can be attached to your wrist as a replacement for a fitness bracelet, and you can also add multiple sensors to it.

The SAIT research team was able to combine a stretchable organic LED display and a photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor in a single device to measure and display a user’s heart rate in real time, thus creating what is known as a stretchable e-skin.

Samsung used a highly elastic polymer compound and modified elastomer. It can withstand up to 30% elongation of the skin, while the prototype remains fully operational after 1000 stretches.

Samsung unveils 'stretchable e-skin'

The success of this test case proves that the technology can be used in other devices. This study is expected to increase the proliferation of stretchable devices in the future.

Of course, researchers still have a long way to go before users get such products. Work will need to be done to increase the resolution of the OLED screen, the elongation of the connection, and the accuracy of the sensor measurements. It is expected that such devices in the future can be used in medicine to monitor the health of patients with certain diseases and babies.


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