Samsung will focus on foldable smartphones and budget models in 2022

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The end of the year is the time to start making plans for the next year. This is what the South Korean company Samsung has done, which has already made a forecast for the sales of its smartphones for 2022. The brand has set itself the goal of shipping a record number of smartphones over the next year, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and global chip shortages.

According to sources from the Korean portal The Elec, next year Samsung plans to ship 334 million smartphones worldwide. The company will issue 285 million of them in-house, and the remaining 49 million will be supplied by Samsung partners within the framework of outsourcing. The Korean brand relies heavily on inexpensive smartphones and plans to increase production of foldable devices.

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S series will account for 54 million of the planned 334 million. And the foldable devices from the Samsung Galaxy Z line will produce about 13 million in 2022 – 9 million Galaxy Z Flip and 4 million Galaxy Z Fold. This is twice as much compared to 2021, according to which Samsung should ship about 7 million smartphones with flexible displays.

Another 176 million are low-cost entry-level smartphones. Mid-range and high-end devices will ship a total of 91 million.

It should be noted that Samsung plans to ship over 300 million of its smartphones for the first time since 2017. But this year, the Korean brand is unlikely to reach its 300 million goal due to a lack of components and a temporary halt in the production of smartphones in Vietnam due to the coronavirus pandemic. It remains to be seen whether the company will be able to achieve its goal next year, as the chip shortage continues, and the growth in demand for smartphones, analysts say, is slowing down.

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