Samsung’s Latest HDR10+ Tvs Transform The Picture Quality With Its Lighting Feature

On Dec 30th, 2020, Samsung announced about its versatile feature. The modern feature is said to be coming towards a high extend standard that will optimize TV picture quality based on the room’s surrounding brightness. HDR content is typically outlined to look its best within the dim rooms with the smallest surrounding lights. But the modern highlight guarantees to utilize the TV's light sensor to respond to the shinning environment and alter its picture quality appropriately. It has been declared by Samsung that this function will be released globally with its soon coming QLED TV products.

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In 2018, the International Telecommunications Union established a new global standard for high dynamic range video signals in a wide range of color spaces that gave a new pallet to visual displays.

HDR10+ is the newest and most advanced technology, based on HDR10 to further improve your viewing experience. Not only HDR10+ signals a dynamic range of video content on a scene-by-scene basis, but  also offers, in a limited amount of metadata, the characteristics of scene between the light and the dark so that essential information can be retained. This allows displays to replicate images more realistically, adhering to the actual purpose of the maker.

Filmmaker Mode

HDR10+ will work with the Filmmaker Mode which was introduced last year. It is a display setting that disables post-processing effects such as motion smoothing to view content more accurately.

However, it is not the first HDR to have introduced this ambient lighting feature. During last year’s CES, Dolby unveiled Dolby Vision IQ, a new feature for its HDR content for the room in which it was being viewed. In comparison with Dolby Vision, the HDR10+ quality is not supported by streaming services. Although, it has continued being supported by the World’s biggest TV manufacturer, Samsung, and Amazon with the use of its Prime Video streaming service. Dolby Vision has been supported by the big manufacturing  companies LG and Sony, and the content is available on Disney Plus and Netflix.

Samsung says that its forthcoming QLED TVs will support the HDR10+ Adaptive, but it remains uncertain whether the company’s current TVs will be updated with the new functionality for older models.

The new feature and the series of QLED TVs is said to launch on January 11,2021 at CES.

Samsung TVs that support HDR10+

  • Sero
  • The 2020 Terrace
  • UHD TV

Which Platforms is HDR10+ Content Available On?

  • YouTube
  • Google Play Movie and TV app
  • Prime Video

A growing number of UHD blu-ray discs are currently available with the new feature HDR10+, from major studios Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Universal, and Lionsgate. HDR10+ can also record videos and later be viewed on the TV screen. It is noted that there is no need for users to switch on the HDR10+ TV to watch videos since a supporting TV automatically detects the video and applies adaptation.

Source The Verge

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