Samuele Bersani, the album of the «rebirth» is ready for the live trip throughout Italy

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He conquered the Tenco Award for best album ever of the year, it was greeted by rave reviews from exhausted critics of itpop and trap, and now Cinema Samuele, the last record of Samuel Bersani, is ready for his live trip to theaters all over Italy. The Cinema Samuele Tour, postponed in recent months due to the Covid pandemic, will depart from Bologna on April 14, 2022 and then stop in Catania, Bari, Milan, Florence, Turin and Rome (information on dates and tickets on and

An unmissable opportunity to listen to the album live, which arrived seven years after the previous one (Cloud number nine) and which marked the “rebirth»By the 51-year-old singer-songwriter from Rimini after the end of a love. He revealed it himself, last February, in an interview with Vanity Fair: «I was lucky enough to live one important relationship, lasting 3-4 years, very intense as it was intense disappointment. You are never quite ready for disappointments, I had invested a lot in that story, but life goes like this. “

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At the time Bersani was “professionally turned off”: “I have written so many text messages for someone’s heart that I couldn’t even write the shopping list anymore, let alone a song, “he admitted in an interview with Corriere della Sera. He was not terrified of not being able to write anymore “Because it had already happened to me”, but “meeting people who asked me if I had stopped being a songwriter didn’t help me”: “I found myself piece by piece, I started eating again and to do everyday things that I had lost, I am reassembled like a mosaic».

Bersani lived first a psychological, sentimental, all personal blackout. Then, due to coronavirus, that of the rest of the world. Told in Vertical scrolling, «A passage on the great loneliness from a relationship with the screen instead of with people, even before Covid. It is not a piece of complaint. But a representation of life. As I did on politics with The non-voting teller».

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The cinema, Samuele’s passion “Since I was 12 when I saw Pasolini in the cineforums of Cattolica” or “when at 14 I ran away from home to visit Dario Argento”, it ended in the title: “Once a girl complimented me by telling me that I wrote short films for the blindHe said. “And in fact, when I listen to other people’s music, I often do it with my eyes closed and images are projected onto the inside of my eyelids.”

The cover of Cinema Bersani, released in October 2020

On the cover of the record, the silhouette of Samuele Bersani becomes a nocturnal urban landscape. There are roofs, balconies, facades, symbols such as the clock of the Bologna station, tragically stopped at 10.25, other personal details, but what matters are the lights on inside the houses. “In a first version they were off, like those in my head until recently», The singer-songwriter said last year. Welcome back. Soon also live.

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