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Sanchez is in Germany on Tuesday for a meeting with Soltz on energy issues

Sanchez is in Germany on Tuesday for a meeting with Soltz on energy issues

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will travel to Germany on Tuesday where he will meet with Chancellor Olaf Scholz and attend a meeting of the German government, his office said today, as the energy crisis deepens in Europe due to the war in Ukraine.

In recent days, a rapprochement has been observed in the positions of the two countries regarding energy issues. Solz expressed his support for Sanchez’s priority plan to build a pipeline linking the Iberian Peninsula to central Europe via France to reduce the EU’s dependence on Russian gas.

The Spanish government announced that the meeting would take place on Tuesday, without giving any other details about Sanchez’s schedule. It said only that the two leaders would meet in Meseberg, north of Berlin, and that the Spanish prime minister would participate “as an honored guest at the meeting of the German government.”

The newspaper El País, which was the first to report the news, said that this invitation is of a “special” type because Sanchez and Solz are both Social Democrats.

Madrid has been calling for years – but with urgency after the outbreak of war in Ukraine – to build the Midcat pipeline, which will connect north-east Spain with France and central Europe through the Pyrenees. This project started in 2013 but was abandoned in 2019 as no agreement was found for its financing and France did not support it. Scholz voted to build the Midcat on August 11.

This week Sanchez referred to a “plan B”, namely the construction of a pipeline linking Spain to Italy if Madrid does not reach an agreement with Paris. The Spanish press believes that Madrid wants to rely on Germany to increase pressure on France.

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