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Sanchez’s message at the 3rd SYRIZA Conference: ‘We need the strengthening of progressive voices’

Many progressive European leaders and politicians have addressed greetings, which will be broadcast during the work, for the 3rd SYRIZA-PS Congress. On the first day today, video messages of Antonio Costa, Yolanda Diaz, Enrico Letta were shown.

According to party sources, the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, sent a letter to Alexis Tsipras on the occasion of the congress. In addition, the former Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia, Zoran Zaef, who gave the “present” on the first day of the conference, is reportedly to address tomorrow.

Pedro Sanchez: We need the support of progressive voices

In his letter to Alexis Tsipras, the Spanish Prime Minister, according to party sources, expressed “the best wishes for the greatest possible success in such a special occasion”, emphasizing that “we live in very complicated times both in Europe and in the rest of the world after “The impact of the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. That’s why today, more than ever, we need the strengthening of progressive voices so that we can give fair answers.”

Antonio Costa: The joint action of all progressive forces is important today

The Socialist Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa, expressed his joy that he shares the step with “a good friend, like you Alexis”. He stood by the joint battles they had with Alexis Tsipras in Brussels “against austerity, to bring development to our countries and jobs for our citizens, with a difficult correlation for the progressive forces”. He stressed that, nevertheless, they fought for the increase of the minimum wage, for measures to support households, for access to basic goods and energy, for the support of workers’ rights. “And we won. There was indeed an alternative way to austerity,” he said. He went on to talk about the great challenges facing the world today, such as the war in Ukraine and its aftermath, the refugee crisis, the post-pandemic recovery, the energy crisis, rising prices and the effects of climate change. Mr Costa emphasized that in order to meet all these challenges, “we need strong progressive political forces, united to stand by the people and to achieve the green and digital transition and an inclusive transition that will leave no one behind.” “This is important today for the joint action of all progressive forces.” “As we have seen in recent years, the more progressive heads of state and government we sit in the European Council, the more solidarity, justice, development we can bring to all Europeans, not just a few,” he said.

Yolanda Diaz: To change today and imagine tomorrow

The Spanish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, pointed out that the main goal should be the alternative to fear. He spoke in support of the US Alliance for Democracy, but said that maintaining some independence was important for Russia. He stressed the need for joint action on the basis of a dual purpose: “To change today and to imagine tomorrow”. He stressed the need for a “new sense of common sense”, “an effective and inclusive management, radically different from the austerity that characterized the dark years during the crisis that began in 2008”. He stressed that “now is the time for hope, the time to make this common sense, a permanent and structural element”. “We know,” he said, “that ideas are measured by their consequences and, as the Greek-born intellectual Cornelius Kastoriadis enlightenedly said, if democracy wants to be complete, then it must start from within us, in the daily life of organizations like ours.” your”. Ms. Diaz expressed her belief that SYRIZA will work “to transform this democracy that Kastoriadis was talking about and to inspire the social majority, the youth and women, all and all citizens seeking political, social and climate security in times of uncertainty. ” G. Diaz remembered a phrase that Alexis Tsipras had said to her in Santiago, Compostela in 2014: “We have only one chance to lose: if we do not walk together” – with her adding in her message: “To continue from “Greece and Spain to open roads by walking”.

Enrico Letta: Together in the fight for a Europe of Democracy, Freedom and Solidarity

The former Prime Minister of Italy and current Secretary General of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, wished good luck in the work of the conference and the “political battle” given by SYRIZA, “a political battle that we all fight together in Europe, in this dramatic moment in European history “. Speaking about the common struggles of previous years, he said that “the years we left behind we fought to change Europe, we fought starting from two countries, Greece and Italy, who lived in different ways, but with the same intensity, moments “A huge crisis and great difficulties. We fought to change Europe.” He stressed, among other things, that today we must create the Europe of Peace, a Europe that allows all of us to realize to a greater extent the great values ​​we share, of Democracy, Freedom and Solidarity. “In this battle we are together,” he said, adding that “together we will change this Europe even more and for the better.”

Source: Capital

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