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Sandy sends emotional message to lookalike who went viral due to similarity

The singer Sandy 41, was moved to tears when sending a message to her lookalike, the supermarket cashier and artist Jessica Lira 28. The young woman went viral on the internet due to her resemblance to the singer and her Instagram profile was noticed by the artist herself, who surprised everyone by leaving her a loving message.

On Friday (5), Jéssica shared on her Instagram profile prints of Sandy’s words left in her direct message box. “Nothing is impossible when you believe in your dreams, I’m so happy,” wrote the lookalike in the post. “At the time, I started crying and didn’t know how to react, but I was simply thrilled that it reached her @sandyoficial. Thank you for believing in me, for the beautiful words, you are incredible!”, she declared.

In the message, Sandy reveals that she was impacted by the media with the viral video of Jéssica drawing a portrait of the singer. “I came to congratulate you on your talent… And also to say that I read a post of yours in which you tell your story, and it touched me”, she wrote. “I believe that things don’t happen by chance…”, she added. “Draw a lot and be whoever you want to be. Be happy! Thank you for your affection”, she concluded.

At another point, the singer comments on a photo published by Jéssica: “You are beautiful!”

Jessica’s social media profile already has over 31,000 followers after going viral. “Don’t stop dreaming, because life can go from 0 to 1,000 in a matter of days. Don’t give up on your goals just because things aren’t working out right now,” says the artist.

See Jessica’s post below:

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Source: CNN Brasil

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