Sanitari no vax, after the decree is rushed to vaccinations

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Many of them have changed their minds. Since the decree came into force – approved on April 1 by the Council of Ministers – which imposes the anti-Covid vaccine on doctors, nurses, veterinarians, radiology health technicians, pharmacists, psychologists, speech therapists, nutritionists, biologists, members of the Order of chemists and physicists, massage physiotherapists, study assistants in the chair, under penalty of demotion until December 31st or suspension from work (and therefore the salary), many health workers who, until then, had not joined the vaccination campaign, have decided to do so.

In Veneto, out of 70,000 operators, 12,000 are not yet vaccinated, but «between Saturday and Sunday 30% reported that they will be immunized, to the next supply of vaccines ”, as explained to Republic the general director of regional health, Luciano Flor. Until a week ago, at the Policlinico di Bari there were 300 health workers determined not to be vaccinated, while now they are only 70. At San Martino in Genoa, 50 of the 400 operators not yet vaccinated have asked for their dose. To the Messenger, Simona Ursino, Director of Prevention for ASL Roma 4, explained: “Since the decree was published in the Official Gazette, they all want to get vaccinated. There are those who even call me on my private cell phone: Doctor, I’ve changed my mind … People who two months ago didn’t want to hear about it, despite our appeals ».

Within 5 days whoever, despite the decree, continues to refuse the vaccine, will have to explain his reasons. And it is only then that, in the event of resistance, the measures will be triggered. But, among the health professionals, there are also employees who, despite being in favor of the vaccine, have not yet been summoned because of the delays in the vaccination campaign.

The actual usefulness of the drug, by the way, is also confirmed by one Spallanzani’s study of Rome, which highlights that, among health professionals, the positivity rate went from 6.9% in the week from 18 to 24 January to 1.8% in the week from 15 to 21 March.

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