Sanremo 2021: Achille Lauro and Emma Marrone in defense of the misunderstood

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After exploring glam rock and paying tribute to Mina’s immense talent, Achille Lauro, for the third painting at the Sanremo Festival, he goes even further back, to a distant Ithaca and to the ghost of a restless Penelope, interpreted by an extraordinary Monica Guerritore. “I learned some things I preferred not to know,” Penelope explains before admitting that, in spite of herself, she became “A stick with which to hit other women who would not have known how to be patient like me”. Then the scene moves between ancient columns and flowering twigs, with Achille Lauro disguised as marble statue adorned with golden charms that, with great care in the movements, sings the song that drew inspiration from the companion of Ulysses, Penelope.

«Half the time to look for each other, half to say enough. You know how to accept love if you know how to give and that’s it, get sick waiting for it to pass until what is there counts but only what is missing “sings Achille before coming to his aid, wrapped in a splendid shimmering tunic Emma Marrone, now at home in Sanremo and ready once again to amaze and put her art at the service of Lauro’s creative flair. «Oh, saying ‘I’m fine’ is the lie I tell most often, how money makes us happy» they sing together framed by orange lights, between «invisible visible bruises» and lives that teach «to be insensitive with those who are sensitive».

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Then, at the end of the exhibition, as always, Achille Lauro’s declaration of intent arrives: «I am Pop. Present, past. Everyone, Nobody. Universal, censored. Condemned to an inattentive, superficial reading. Imprisoned in a story written by someone else, a person built on top of you. I become banal, they reduce me to an idea, the antonomasia of those like me. To enclose a person in a drawing, but I was much more. Prejudice is a prison, judgment is condemnation. God bless the misunderstood ».

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