Sanremo 2021, Barbara Palombelli: career in 10 photos

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“A colleague, but also the presenter most present on the small screen, as well as being a good journalist”. These are the words chosen by Amadeus to explain his decision to have Barbara Palombelli on the stage of the Ariston Theater the fourth evening of the Sanremo 2021 Festival, scheduled for Friday 5 March. It is true that Palombelli, 67, wife of Francesco Rutelli and currently the leading face of Mediaset – which has attracted quite a bit of controversy to those who pushed for the enhancement of a professional inside Rai, forgetting, perhaps, that last year on stage there were Emma D’Aquino and Laura Chimenti from Tg1 – she is one of the most active live television grinders on the small screen, but also a professional who has always been an example of placidity and firmness, one of the very few to prefer the whisper to the warning shouted at the top of her voice, the dialogue to oppression as an end in itself.

His sober style, never over the top, has always been appreciated, even before television, by the newspapers with which he collaborated at the beginning of his career. Daughter of Carlo and Manuela Micheli, first of four children, Graduated in Literature with a thesis in Cultural Anthropology, Barbara Palombelli began her career as a parliamentary journalist in The European only to then join the team of Indro Montatelli al Newspaper and become deputy editor-in-chief of Panorama for three years, from 1986 to 1988. The following year she was a special correspondent of Corriere della Sera, post he holds up to the passage under the flag of Republic for almost ten years and always returning to He would run in the early 2000s as a columnist. Meanwhile, television flatters her and seeks her out: in the late 1980s, Palombelli was involved in programs such as Sunday In, Samarkand e Italians, while the first real opportunity to conduct solo comes from the radio.

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In fact, in 1998 he led the daily Radio 2 column entitled If calling, which will be followed by programs such as Setting up, The shrimp e 28 minutes. As a tour court television face, he imposed himself, however, in the 2000s at the helm of Half past eight su La7 alongside Giuliano Ferrara to then appear as a columnist almost everywhere, shuttling between Rai and Mediaset, between Sunday In e Matrix, between Point to head e Afternoon Five. On 9 September 2013, the most tempting opportunity comes thanks to the abandonment of Rita Dalla Chiesa who allows her to become the new hostess of Forum and of The Forum Desk, historical broadcasts of Canale 5 and Rete 4 that Barbara Palombelli shapes in her image and likeness, rebalancing the parties involved and resetting the format in a way that the public seems to like and appreciate. In the face of the excellent results received, on 3 September 2018 Palombelli is designated as the leading face of the “new Network 4” devoted to information: from there it begins to lead Italy tonight, the access prime-time program that sees her clash from Monday to Friday with Lilli Gruber. Journalist, presenter, author, wife and mother of 4 children (one biological and three adopted), Barbara Palombelli is an icon of seriousness and intelligence: Seeing in which guise it will be proposed at the Sanremo 2021 Festival is, in this sense, the most succulent discovery that the spectators will try to decipher.

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