Sanremo 2021, Bugo: «Just ask me“ where is Bugo? ”. I am here”

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«I start from the end saying that I am broken. I say this because I have been reading everything about myself for a year that has nothing to do with music and I have never replied. I understand freedom of speech, it is a sacred right and I respect it, but when music journalists use something that happened more than a year ago as an excuse to mock me, then we are beyond the sphere of bar chatter ». This is how the message that Christian Bugatti, better known as Bugo, sends to sector journalists on the eve of the final of the Sanremo Festival begins.

He does it as if to free himself from a weight and, in particular, from a shadow that continues to undermine him from inside and outside the Ariston stage: Morgan, the one with whom he presented a song last year, Honest, which gave birth to one of the most viral hits of the last five years. Now, however, Bugo is not there, and hopes that that chapter of his professional life can now be said to be closed: «I’m here at the Festival to talk about music. I know it’s a difficult year for everyone and making a record is a delicate job, especially now. I’m sorry that we don’t talk about this and instead we keep asking ourselves where Bugo is ».

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For those who ask, «Bugo is here, I am here, I have never left. I just stepped away from madness and opportunism. Maybe this is not news, nor clicks, but this is me. I’m not the most in tune of all, but I’m certainly more sincere than many. Bugo is here “he says as if to put an end to the catchphrase that, fortunately and in spite of himself, made him the protagonist and opened the doors of Sanremo to him without having Morgan as an opponent (danger averted by Amadeus who chose not to admit of the latter among the Big). In short, there is Bugo. Finding out if it has life other than the meme it has become is, perhaps, the most interesting challenge we could see these days.

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