Sanremo 2021, Cristiana Girelli: “So I give the girls the dream of becoming footballers”

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“Something has changed,” says Cristiana Girelli, Juventus and Italian national football bomber from the stage of the Ariston Theater, explaining that the incredible following that has been accompanying the team in recent seasons is important, but it is not enough. «Something has changed since the World Cup. To all those who ask me what happened, I reply that we are a strong and united group that, when it decided to go to France, did it not so much to win, but to send a very specific socio-cultural message: from now on there are two national teams to cheer on, because there is also the female one ».

Girelli started playing football when he was 6 years old in his town of Nuvolera, in the province of Brescia: his father was the president of the team but, before then, he did not know that girls played football. «I am proud that girls today can dream of being footballers. Giving them the opportunity to wear the Juventus shirt is beautiful, just as it is beautiful to give this dream away “insists Cristiana Girelli before admitting that, if she has made it this far and, therefore, to the role of center forward, she owes it above all to training and the energy spent to make that dream come true. To get to a draw with Ibrahimović, she is missing about 300 goals, but the next European championships could be a great starting point.

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