Sanremo 2021, finally there is a kiss. That of Claudio Santamaria and Francesca Barra

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In coronavirus era the kiss of Claudio Santamaria, 46 years old, at the wife Francesca Barra, 42, is probably thesingle which we will see on stage of the Sanremo Festival. The two, already protagonists of the video Bam bam twist of Achille Lauro, last night, at the Ariston, they accompanied the artist dancing to the notes of his song. And at the end of the performance they exchanged a passionate kiss that in the age of social distancing gave us a bit of romance (and normality). “It’s good to see a kiss around this time“, commented Amadeus, referring to the Covid regulations that prohibit non-relatives from any form of contact.

Both the journalist and the actor posted the Sanremo kiss on their respective Instagram profiles. Dedicating himself words full of love: “My biggest passionHe wrote. And she: “I will never be able to recover. Not only from this, but from these four years with you! ».

Claudio and Francesca, linked since 2017, are very much in love, so much so that they got married twice. In May 2019 they experienced the tragedy of an abortion: “An unborn child is a real mourning“She confided, speaking of the pain for that lost son shortly after announcing the joy of the first pregnancy with Santamaria. But they managed to carry on, preserving her three children (Renato, Emma and Greta, had by the first husband Marcello Molfino) from sadness: “I will never bury this phase of life, but I will walk with my head held high knowing that the strength we women have is infinitely great ». In the future, Claudio and Francesca still hope: “Even if there was only one chance in a million, we don’t lose hope».

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