Sanremo 2021: Fulminacci, the outsider you like

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«A clue is a clue, two clues are coincidence, but three clues give it a try“. If we take the famous phrase of Agatha Christie and we apply it to the musical talent of Filippo Uttinacci, in art Lightning, the end result is irrefutable: the Roman singer-songwriter, born in 1997, can be considered to all intents and purposes one of the outsider of We will be 2021, where it appears with the song «Santa Marinella».

Although he has published his debut album just two years ago, in fact, Filippo can already boast one long list of admirers. First of all, of course, its audience, which in the 2019 followed him during his prime national tour, by registering sold out in several dates. Then there is the estimate of the Colleagues, which has often translated into collaborations and beautiful words: “He writes really wellHe said Samuele Bersani.

Qualities that have already yielded him numerous awards, on all the Tenco plate for the best first feature (“Life really») And the MEI award (Meeting of independent labels) such as best young man of 2019. «Amadeus, this boy he’s really good, you could say you launched it at FestivalWas the recent endorsement of Fiorello during the presentation of Fulminacci in «Long live RaiPlay!».

To think that it was rumored that on the stage of the Ariston he could already get on it twelve months ago: «In these two years I have written so many different things and every time I thought I was definitive»Is one of his latest social posts. “I thought I was many things, I wasted time seeing myself from the outside without living in the present. Then nothing: the songs come out, there are concerts, trains, people, Sanremo, I who write this thing ».

Enthusiast cinema e engaged for years with the promising actress Lia Grieco, the 23-year-old artist escapes from all kinds of classification: «They say I am young, they say I look like old. I still haven’t figured out which one is the compliment and why. Two years ago I wrote Santa Marinella and again nobody knows it. I am really happy because I am doing it That I likeHe added on Instagram.

«The representative of the brand new songwriterIs the sentence that Amadeus he used the talented Fulminacci to introduce the Ariston. The outsider who likes.

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