Sanremo 2021, if Ornella Vanoni “reproaches” Fiorello

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Ornella Vanoni, guest of the grand finale of Sanremo, she took the stage of the Ariston as a timeless artist that she is. “Francesco Gabbani comes later, like dessertHe said, asking to speak before singing. “But you,” she began, turning to Fiorello, “Do you have a passion for singing?” “I like it,” the co-host replied, embarrassed. “Everyone sings here, there are professional singers. If you sing too, that’s not good», Vanoni ruled, praised by Twitter. “Goddess”, “Queen”.

“You have given voice to what we all think,” someone wrote online, depicting the exchange between the artist and Fiorello as the most iconic of the entire Festival. An atypical festival which, in its extraordinary being, has not lost the ability to entertain.

«Sanremo is emotion, even without an audience. Because the audience, which is missing here, is there, you can’t see it, but it’s behind the screen “, continued the singer, then singing the praises of the orchestra. “Sometimes they are more important than the audience in the hall, because they understand more. They are saints, all saints, ”he said, after singing a medley of his most beautiful songs. The words, frank like those of no other guest before, then gave back space to the music. And, on stage, Francesco Gabbani went up to accompany Vanoni in A smile inside the tears. “I want to thank the public and ask them to follow us, in a moment that should have an end that is not seen”, concluded Vanoni, claiming – unique in the whole Festival – “a little kiss” from Amadeus.

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