Sanremo 2021, Irama “out” (due to Covid), but could remain in the race

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The regulation drawn up before the start of Sanremo Festival speak clearly: if a Big is positive or has come into contact with a positive, he must give up the race and step aside. However, precisely because of the exceptionality of the situation and the right to change the current legislation, the last word may not be said. The story concerns Irama, who was unable to perform as scheduled at the first evening of the Sanremo Festival because her makeup artist tested positive for the antigenic swab.

On Wednesday, about 24 hours later, the collaborator also tested positive for the molecular swab: this, given the positivity found in another member of Irama’s team, should theoretically lead the singer to exclusion. However, as Amadeus specified during the press conference, the positivity of a competing artist could even reach one step away from the final, nullifying the efforts made up to there. The idea proposed by the artistic director is, therefore, of have the green light from all 25 singers in the competition and from record companies so that Irama can still compete in the Sanremo Festival broadcasting, on the evening of Wednesday 3 March, the recording of the dress rehearsals.

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The thing is advanced in order not to throw away “hours and hours of sweat and passion even if others turn out to be positive”. The formality should come in the afternoon, so before the start of the evening: Amadeus’ hope is that there will be total adhesion “in everyone’s interest” since what happened to Irama could happen to all the artists competing from here until Saturday 6 March , on the day of the final.

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