Sanremo 2021: Madame, the pleasure and benefits of walking barefoot (not only on stage)

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Soft curls, crystal clear voice and bare feet. Madame, the youngest singer competing among the Big del Sanremo Festival 2021, amazed everyone for the naturalness with which walked the stage of the Ariston … barefoot. But that of the nineteen-year-old rapper is certainly not a show choice (and by the way she would not be the first to do so), but a way of being.

“I love being barefoot because it gives me the sensation of feeling control under the soles of my feet. It is as if I am one with what I step on.

I am part of the world I am living in, especially at a time when I could fly away because in front of millions of people. Instead I prefer to be with my feet on the ground »said Madame in the direct Instagram of #SanremoConVanity on Thursday evening. Madame had just finished rehearsals returning from the barefoot Ariston.

And indeed the barefooting (barefoot means barefoot) has just as its most evident effect that of reconnect with the ground and return to our original natural state. Moreover, an Indian chief claimed that the white race would have died out due to the habit of wearing shoes, interrupting the energy and knowledge coming from the earth.

But what are the benefits of walking free? “Walk barefoot is good for circulation and the brain. It’s a beneficial exercise from the most powerful psychomotor I know: Mother Nature! The human body is, in fact, made for long walks. As we walk we massage and rearticulate our two hemispheres and harmonize homeostasis, through the hydraulic pump and kinetic chains. Touch the grass or walk by the sea, then, actively stimulates own reception (the ability to perceive the position of one’s body in space and feel the contraction of one’s muscles). Abbot Kneipp, who created the famous routes, knew it well, ”she explains naturopath Annamaria Previati, who recommends doing it even at home, in everyday life. Like? “Yes they can create paths by applying different materials on the floor such as wool, cotton, fur, dry soil, sand and small plastic reliefs or flat stones, and exercise. Or buy the grass squares for sale at florists, ideal for making grounding».

Far from being a celeb fashion, then. Walking barefoot is a practice that we should adopt, freeing ourselves from time to time from the constraint of footwear. We would benefit both by reactivating the circulation and by relaxing the muscles. But not only that, according to a recent research on Developmental and Cell Biology Department of the University of California at Irvine, the barefooting it would even reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The research, in fact, underlines how walking without shoes improves blood fluidity by decreasing the incidence of heart attack and stroke. And there is more. The contact of the plant with the ground would also have a beneficial influence on sleep disorders and muscle pain.

All that remains is to try to do it wherever we are, like Madame all’Ariston, to which the is dedicated gallery.

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