Sanremo 2021: the Coma Cose, which bring love to the stage

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If at the Sanremo Festival the rule of hugs between relatives applies, Francesca Mesiano and Fausto Zanardelli can sleep peacefully. Being engaged, in fact, the two will not be forced to give up the hand on the shoulder which, especially on an important stage like the Ariston, can always instill the right charge to dampen the tension. Together they form the Coma Cose, a duo already known in the Milanese circles who, after the pop shower of Summertime, the Netflix original series that had included them in the soundtrack, try the big shot thanks to Flames in the eyes, the song they submitted to Amadeus’ attention and which was selected among the 26 competing this year.

Between indie-rock and pop-rap sounds, Coma Cose have always amazed not only for the charge of their lyrics, but also for those influences of songwriting electronics able to conquer the most transversal public, attentive to novelty and refined poetics, meaningful, ready to come out through new sounds and all to be discovered. Fresh, engaging and disheveled, Coma Cose is the project that Francesca «California« and Fausto «Lama», clerks in the same shop, they devise to be able to daydream about a future in which they would have lived on music alone. They succeed supported by curiosity and chemistry that is grafted almost immediately between the two, between Fausto, not new to the world of entertainment to which he had first introduced himself under the pseudonym of Oedipus, and Francesca, aka California, graduated in scenography , originally from Pordenone and resident in Milan.

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Their lyrics I Coma Cose write them inspired by reality and what surrounds them, starting right from the “coma” in which Italy finds itself, a sort of endlessly repeated hangover, and the “things” that, in their own small way, they can do to get out of turpitude and regain lost sensitivity. The first to notice their expressive potential are those of AsianFake, who invest in Francesca and Fausto to awaken the consciences of young people by helping them not to abandon their dreams: Cannibalism, in this sense, it is the provocation made into a song, the invitation to look around and take note of the gravity of the situation. The album Hype Aura and singles like Missing e Post Concerto continue on that path allowing Francesca and Fausto to record in 2010 The rats are right and to continue their journey with Foolica Records. Their story, made up of ups and downs, of moments in which everything seems to fit together and of others in which everything seems to be falling apart, is the fulcrum around which the song they propose in Sanremo develops. photograph of a bond which, despite a thousand storms, continues to float and grow stronger every day that passes through the music. In that slightly vintage and slightly modern mix, Coma Cose share many small realities: from a tattoo on the thigh that is a tribute to We just have to cry, one of their favorite films, at the announcement of the release of Nostralgia, their new album available starting April 16th.

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