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Sanremo 2021, the Negramaro sing Lucio Dalla (with a monologue by Giuliano Sangiorgi)

To open Sanremo, in the evening traditionally reserved for duets and covers, it was Amadeus, together with Fiorello. Then, on the stage of the Ariston, on the sidelines of the ritual greetings, the Negramaro went up, voice of a tribute to Lucio Dalla and, with these, all the music. THE Negramaro they sang March 4, 1943, remembering the Bolognese singer-songwriter, an extraordinary song, the day Dalla was born, the day he would have turned seventy-eight.

“There is an exact moment in which words, those alone, are not enough to really say everything we think and feel,” began Giuliano Sangiorgi, a green suit, dark glasses.

«Thought, like the ocean, you cannot confine it», he said, “So in this sea so big, so majestic and constantly stormy, but still too small to contain the whole thought, there is a place that floats light, very light on our lives, a happy island, which he manages to do so, and there, thoughts and words swim free, go down to the depths, in the most remote abysses to fathom with their radar depths never crossed before, and then rise again, loaded with many other colors and many other lives. All those lives that belong to us, that we dream, that we flee and then away again, in the “open sea and then down, the desert and then up again, with a big leap” », as Lucio Battisti would have sung.

Giuliano Sangiorgi, in his monologue, has painted the existence of an island, which saves and hands healthy. «And only thanks to this island, we remain” Souls saved, on land and at sea “capable of saying every day” What a great time, what a beautiful company! ” and it is done by singing», he said, explaining how “It is called “Song”, this place, and it is a wonderful place, where even your pain can heal then “Wonderful”», Sangiorgi concluded, singing his song, in a tribute to Dalla, to the power of music, which soothes and heals.

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