Sanremo 2021, the protocol: between trolley, gel and masks, here’s how it will be

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From the size of the artists’ dressing rooms to the masks that must be secured to the face up to a moment before going on stage; from sanitized flowers and prizes to the minimum safe distance guaranteed between the members of the orchestra. It is a Rai that does not want to arrive unprepared the one that delivers a 75-page protocol to the Scientific Technical Committee pending final approval to finally kick off the 71st Sanremo Festival, kicks off on 2 March in prime time on Raiuno, 5 evenings lasting 5 hours each (closing is, in fact, scheduled for 2 am). To anticipate something of the organization is the Courier service, which talks about the FFP2 mask (without valve) and gloves for everyone, temperature measurement, sanitizing of environments, obligatory entry and exit routes and tampons every 72 hours.

The delivery of the final prize – as happened in the final of Friends 19 – it will take place through a trolley that will be used and sanitized also to deliver flowers and other awards, while the most interesting chapter concerns the stalls of the Ariston that, to the detriment of what Amadeus hoped, it will not be occupied by the extras, but by the orchestra. An orchestra, directed by Maestro Leonardo De Amicis, which will be composed by 60 elements and which will be distributed to the right and left of the stage over about 380 square meters: the choristers, without a mask, must have a distance of 2 meters frontally and 1.5 meters laterally, while the winds must observe a distance of 2 meters from the choristers and 1.5 from anyone else. Strings, guitars, basses and keyboards will be on stage with the protection and must respect 1.25 meters between them, 1.5 towards the winds and 2 / 1.5 meters frontally or sideways to the choristers. Finally, drums and percussion will be able to do without the mask, but will be isolated by Plexiglas barriers.

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However, the most important innovations will move behind the scenes: the technical and production staff will stop in the backstage on the right side, the author part on the left side; the hair and make-up stations will, on the other hand, be positioned on the Roof, the space that until last year housed the press room. Guests and singers will go to the theater already dressed for the performance and will be able to wear the surgical mask to avoid damaging the make-up only in the path that will take them from the dressing room to the backstage. Only shortly before entering the stage will they be able to remove the mask and throw it in one of the special waste containers present at the entrance points to the stage. For the first time, the artists, on the other hand, will be accompanied to Sanremo only by a sound engineer and a record company: their dressing rooms, each with 7 square meters of space, will be set up on the Roof, while in the understage area, instead, a Green Room (space of 150 square meters where the singers will be escorted by a Rai employee who picks them up in the dressing room before the performances) and a Red Room. As for live television, not wearing a mask, all the cast members present on stage must maintain an interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters between them and 2 meters with all the remaining staff. Of course, no hugs, no close choirs and no shoulder to shoulder.

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