Sanremo 2021, the second evening, between Laura’s tears and Elodie’s charm

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Orietta Berti’s shimmering blouse, Elodie’s Jessica Rabbit dress and Laura Pausini’s shining eyes. The second evening of the Sanremo Festival is dedicated to women who know how to amaze with the strength of emotion and the mastery of the profession which, despite many years of honored career, still manages to reserve surprises. Although this edition has done without the cruise ship, as Amadeus and Fiorello sing during the theme song that makes a little I Griffin, Sanremo immediately plunges us into vintage which, in reality, is the purest indie: in a Sanremo where there are Aiello, Willie Peyote, Madame, Fulminacci and Coma_Cose, the most alternative thing that can be a few years ago someone would have called “Sanremo” without passing for blasphemy.

Orietta Berti sings it who, 29 years after the last time at Ariston, returns to give a little simplicity and take the luxury, at 77, of having fun without suffering the anxiety and pressure of the race.

However, two other extraordinary women escorting the hosts on a particularly rich evening with a fixed closure late at night: Elodie, who takes over from Matilda De Angelis as co-host, bewitching the social media audience for the sensuality of her outfit, and the great Laura Pausini which, after winning the Golden Globe for the best original song for the film by Edoardo Ponti I do, decides to return to Sanremo, the stage that consecrated her in 1993 with Loneliness, to look at the incredible career she has built, at the shelf now too narrow to contain all the awards that have been awarded, without giving up the thing that has always brought her closer to the public: the ability to get excited. Laura, in fact, cries, masks the inflection of the voice of a great teacher, but she just can’t help but look at that empty audience without saying thanks for all she has received and for what she will still give. Including a beat together with Fiorello and Amadeus which is probably the icing on the back of an evening that starts immediately with the fifth and will lead us who knows where.


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