Sanremo 2021, the second evening does not raise the ratings

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The first evening was a Caporetto of linear listening (because digital, with RaiPlay and the possibility of recovering what was lost online, was a completely different story). The second made it worse. The Sanremo Festival, Wednesday, it totaled “just” 7.586 million viewers, with one total share of 42.1%. The figure, the lowest recorded since 2015, with the Sanremo of Carlo Conti, Arisa, Emma and Rocio Muñoz Morales, was determined by a weight loss of individuals who survived at midnight.

The first part of the Sanremo Festival, on Wednesday evening, was seen by 10,113 million spectators. But only a third, and a little more, of these found the courage and courage necessary to make the final tear. From midnight to two in the morning, only 3.966 million arditi followed the festival competition. And the data should lead us to reflect.

Although the second and third nights have now been engulfed by endless live shows, the pulsating life on the other side of the screen has not suffered the same fate. The public continued to exist. To have a job, the physiological urge to sleep. But the progressive growth of on-demand services and the (never sufficiently praised) possibility of reviewing according to pleasure and need what one wants has made all sacrifices useless. Thus, the placid spectators began to desist. To go to sleep. To turn off the television. And Sanremo was no exception, also a victim of the sacrosanct right to a mattress.

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