Sanremo 2021: the second painting by Achille Lauro is a tribute to Mina

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From the metallic jumpsuit to the cyan suit, from the blue hair to the red and tidy braid that is very Anna Shirley but which, in reality, is a tribute to Mina, a woman with a true Rock’N Roll soul. For the second painting that he chooses to propose among the always lit LEDs of the Ariston Theater, Achille Lauro takes on a new identity and tells a new chapter in history: that of the “sacred bond of enjoyment”, because “to enjoy is an obligation. God bless those who enjoy”. To escort him to the Sanremo Festival, this time, there are Claudio Santamaria and Francesca Barra which, between twist and sensual movements, seal the union with a kiss that, in times of Covid on television, is never taken for granted.

Tribute to Mina, a woman with a true Rock ‘N Roll soul, and to the iconic photo taken by Mauro Balletti in 1984

The aesthetic taken up by Lauro is, therefore, a clear inspiration to the iconic cover of the album Rane Supreme 1987, along with the claim that he is Rock ‘N Roll himself. «Transgression that enters the houses of half of America. Explicit invitation to let yourself go. An old church outraged by the creed of irreverence. New night temple of the young and the forbidden. It’s game time. Demon, divinity, jukebox covered with nails. Ritual union with others in a single dancing body. Meat asking for meat. Hurricane in sexual desires, shaken in family respectability, promise of pleasure ».

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Ever more daring experiments and ever more indecipherable souls those of Achille Lauro who, by now, has found in the Sanremo Festival the white canvas on which to stir the tempera of his creativity without control, without limits, without inhibitions. At the end of the event three paintings are still missing and who knows what he will have in store for us.


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