Sanremo 2021: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, stage bomber (between curiosity and controversy)

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When Zlatan Ibrahimovic moves on the football field, manages to attract one industrial quantity of balloons. Likewise, away from the playground, he is a master of attracting the spotlight of the media, to be talked about, often discuss. Amadeus, as a teammate, he sought him out and served him a perfect passage and he, as a relentless striker, did not hold back. Scatenandor a debate, in fact.

IS right or wrong that an AC Milan member detaches from their team to participate as a regular guest at the Sanremo Festival? On the one hand there were those who supported his decision to accept the proposal, on the other, the army of the “it was not the right time“. But then, unfortunately for Zlatan, a nuisance muscle injury which will cut him off anyway sports programs of the Rossoneri for about 20 days.

No training in Liguria, therefore, only a little gym for the upper body without urge the battered adopter. He will therefore have more time to devote to Sanremo 2021 albeit, despite the physical trouble remedied against the Roma, it is very likely that on the occasion of the second evening (Wednesday 3 March) you return to Milan to be close to your teammates during the midweek shift of the championship againstUdinese.

It was rumored that Ibra could even do the commuting by helicopter, but to date this hypothesis is to be considered discarded. It will return under the Madonnina only for the Serie A match against the Friulians, in fact, then on Sunday morning he will fly to Verona where the Rossoneri will be on stage at 3 pm. the joint remains complicated: Milan-Sanremo-Milan-Sanremo-Verona, all in one week, with in between rehearsals and evenings.

«Zlatan and Zlatan, can do everything»Says some enthusiast. Aware of the character and of professionalism of the Swedish giant class 1981: he returned to Milan 14 months ago and brought a wave of self esteem inside the locker room capable of regenerate the team and drag it to unthinkable results. He was an example for the many young people, who in turn gave him the reasons to keep running faster.

«Last summer we were late in renew him, so at the time of signing he informed us that he had already made this commitmentHe revealed Paolo Maldini, director of the technical area of ​​Milan. In fact, it seems to have gone exactly like this: «When I met Zlatan I stayed fascinated from his story, ”said Amadeus,“ he immediately accepted my proposal and it made me happy. What will it do? He hasn’t told me yet. ‘

Indeed the curiosity it’s a lot. He will sleep on his yacht, not in the hotel, but respect the ladder nothing has leaked. Certainly will grab attention of the media, as it has also done recently: since head to head with the Inter Romelu Lukaku to the “political” squabble with LeBron James, absolute star of the NBA. Ibra is always there, in some way he takes himself The cover. That’s why it will also be at the Ariston, in search of a special “goal”.

Ibra, bomber (also) from stage.

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