Sanremo 2023, Chiara Ferragni: “I’m not a presenter, I bring myself to the Festival”

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Dressed in red and black with high tail, in the center between Amadeus And Gianni Morandi. Today is the day of Clare Ferragniof his television debut. And in fact in the press room the photos of her are all for her. Which she begins by saying: «I’m not a presenter, I’m not an actress. I bring myself to the Festival. And I’ll give it my all. This anxiety of mine will be seen». A few words before receiving the praise of Gianni Morandi: «It will be wonderful for people to meet Chiara, who has always been on a mobile phone. I even tried to make her sing, but nothing. Maybe next year!», and those of Amadeus, who was struck by the great seriousness in the work and by her great availability.

SANREMO, February 2023: Gianni Morandi and Chiara Ferragni Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images
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Chiara Ferragni then reiterated that in the past she has declined the invitations of “Ama” three times, because she didn’t feel ready. «First of all, I would never have imagined myself here in Sanremo, television is not my language». But now is the right time, also thanks to the work of Amadeus. «It took me months to mentally prepare myself for the idea of ​​going on this stage. I asked everyone for suggestions, even my husband, and the answers I received were always the same: “Have fun, enjoy it and be spontaneous”. The dresses have been imagined since June, even if a piece arrived this morning ». Continues: “My speech is on women’s advocacy and I wrote it myself.” Speech that will air around 11pm, maybe even earlier, and it is linked to an important cause, that of the association Dire – Women on the Net against Violence. «In the past I have suffered psychological violence in my previous relationships and I realized it late, only two years ago. I have discovered that I have success with practically all of them, it is a widespread and subtle phenomenon, because we are still the first to justify certain behaviors ».

Then a thought for the children: «If I’m doing something wrong as a mother, they’ll tell me, even with respect to exposure on social media». And one to her husband: «Yesterday I saw him and I asked him not to spoil before prime time and to let me calm down».

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To the final question if it has fear of falling down the stairs, he replies thus: «It could happen». But Amadeus is keen to specify that “she is one of the few who does not even look at the steps, which are even fewer this year, I have reduced them for myself”.

It continues with the announcement for the first time in the history of Sanremo of the presence in the hall of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, La Scala concert model. And it’s just for him that he also comes back Roberto Benigni with a tribute to the Constitution. Gianni Morandi sings the anthem.

Source: Vanity Fair

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