Sanremo 2023: here is the scenography

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Fiorello had said that in the episode of Long live Rai2 of January 24 would have anticipated something more than Sanremo Music Festival 2023only that few would have expected the apparently most marginal but, at the same time, most crucial detail of the event: the scenography, also designed for this tour by Gaetano Castelli and his daughter Maria Chiara. In the video contribution broadcast on TV, it is Amadeus himself who illustrates for the first time to the public the architecture developed for the 21st time by Castelli and which looks like a gigantic dome with a radial pattern very similar to the one created for the Sanremo del 2022.

A central oval placed in the center of the vault is the pivot from which concentric rays develop that cover the entire backdrop, letting us understand the play of light that could arise at each performance. The central staircase and the mystical gulf cannot be missed called to host the orchestra, confirming the classic setting desired by Castelli which sees the musicians literally embracing the Sanremo stage for a closer and closer relationship with the artists who perform. What remains is that, after the more squared shapes of the scenography of 2021, a year that marked one of the most difficult and complex editions ever due to the Covid emergency, Gaetano and Maria Chiara Castelli have decided to go back to curved lines which have gradually become their trademark.

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Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images

The nerds of the Sanremo Festival will notice a certain similarity with the lines already used in the 2010, 2012, 2020 and 2022 Festivals, but it doesn’t matter, given that the television rendering of the works developed by Castelli always offers a big impact also aimed at enlarging the actual dimensions of the Ariston Theater from home, which remains a bit small. At this point we just have to wait for February 7, when we will see the architecture come to life together with the 28 Big names who will take turns on stage.

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