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Sanremo 2023: Marco Mengoni, who has the guaranteed podium

We don’t know how much Marco Mengoni both superstitious but, after listening Two lives during the first evening of the Sanremo Festival, it seems very clear that, if he doesn’t win, at least he will get on the podium again in this round, exactly ten years after his triumph on that same stage to the tune of The essential. The song, written by Mengoni himself together with Davide Petrella and given as favorite by the ranking compiled by Sisal on the eve of the Festival, is a typical Sanremo ballad, a complex piece that starts slowly and explodes in the refrain demonstrating the incredible singing ability of an artist that Italy should keep ever closer before it definitively flies abroad like the Måneskin. Two lives is a song that speaks of a love that resists, that is ready for anything, also made up of small things – «Coffee with lemon against hangover» – and the desire to isolate oneself from the chaos to find oneself – «We remain in the dark surrounded only by the sound of the voice beyond the madness that dances in all things» – .

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It is no coincidence that when we met him before he left for Sanremo, Marco Mengoni told us that it was as if this song had always been looking for that stage, eager to end up under that cone of light so that everyone would discover and listen to it. «It was as if the song itself knew it was written to take a ride on that stage»Marco told us, explaining that returning to Sanremo for him, more than a challenge, represents an adventure that he intends to savor from the first to the last second, having demonstrated everything there was to prove ahead of time: «I did the stadiums, the records went very well: I’m lucky. I said to myself: it’s now that I have to gowithout any pressure. They’re putting me on top of the class but the truth is I don’t feel the competition. It is obvious that he wants to make a good impression, but I have no ambitions of winning: I expect to have fun, yes».

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Supported by unbridled cheering from the fans and the press room, Mengoni lives, in short, the Sanremo 2023 Festival lightly even if we are all somewhat certain that that song will take him straight to the podium. «I am very happy with 10 years ago, and this is also why the position interests me relatively», he told us announcing, after Sanremo, the release of his new album and a new tour in the Stadiums. The desire to set foot again at the Ariston, however, was too great not to be listened to: «It’s a bit like when you finish a tour, you go to see other concerts and you tell yourself that you would like to be on stage: you always want to come back. Going as a guest to Sanremo is beautiful, but you also feel a bit like participating because you want to be part of that thing. Last year it came to me a bit.’ And we are all happy to see him here.

Source: Vanity Fair

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