Sanremo 2023: the lyrics of Giorgia’s song on social media spoiled. And now?

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It is clear as day that the presence on social networks, in the first days of the Sanremo Festival, does not bring good luck, given that a moment of distraction and a little levity is enough to compromise an artist’s participation in the event. Does Georgia know anything about it? which was seen published in the Instagram Stories of an online record store the text of Bad words, the song that sees her competing in Sanremo. The song, in fact, is contained in her new album, Blue, to be released on February 17 – one week after the end of the Festival -, but can already be pre-ordered. It is a pity that the shop has decided to publish the album booklet, also including the lyrics of the competing song which, as we know, must necessarily remain unpublished until the week before the start of the Festival, i.e. until the exclusive publication of the lyrics on Tv Smiles and Songs.

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The doubt, at this point, is legitimate: what happens now? Does Giorgia risk disqualification? Since it was neither she nor her entourage who published or disclosed the text, it is very probable that there will be no consequences, even if it is good to remember how delicate the promotion of the works of the Big names competing in Sanremo is in recent weeks. The responsible site has taken steps to delete the History, but the screenshots continue to circulate on the Neteven if the hope is that they will soon be removed in order not to jeopardize the singer’s participation and not raise new controversies.

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It is not, however, the first time that a song from Sanremo has been revealed ahead of time: it happened, for example, in 2021 to Fedez, when the latter carelessly posted a piece of the song on Instagram, forgetting to mute the audio. The prompt removal of the clip and Amadeus’ intention not to lose one of the top names in his selection, however, avoided the worst. A fate also befell Gianni Morandi in 2022, who was also pardoned by the necessary checks by the organization. In general, however, you should be very careful, also because Sanremo 2023 seems to have some already hot controversies in the barrel, such as Madame’s participation after the investigation by the Vicenza prosecutor’s office for the purchase of a fake Green Pass, issued without vaccination. For the moment, Amadeus has ruled out disqualification, but we will understand more as the Festival approaches.

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