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Sanremo 2023: who is Olly, the singer of Dust

Is called olly, is originally from Genoa and, according to the well-informed, could be one of the revelations of Sanremo Music Festival 2023. Both for Dust, the intimate and maliconic song that will see him in the race, and both for the duet on the notes of The night flies with Lorella Cuccarini during cover night. «Everyone in the house has a dusty box, abandoned and forgotten on the top shelf. I asked myself: who knows what view one has of the house and of the things around it, from up there. I wanted to tell my idea that insecurities, fears, difficulties and discomforts can be a way to make us see reality differently, from an unusual point of view, not necessarily wrong», said Olly describing his piece, written and composed together with JVLI and Emanuele Lovito.


Born in 2001, Olly stands out both for his style, defined from the first steps by a hip-hop method and by the centrality of the word, and for his charisma. His first successes arrive in 2019, attracting the attention of realities such as Metatron and Sony with whom he begins a journey in 2021. To the elements already present in his sensitivity is added, thanks to the meeting with the producer JVLI, a tendency to electronic music which translates into songs with a lively and extremely engaging character such as Another timealso presented at TIM Summer Hits, e Legofor which he was named MTV New Generation Artist of the Month.


together withwaiting to be able to duet in Sanremo together with Lorella Cuccarini – «It was a choice dictated by the top line of the song, which in my opinion and JVLI is very strong and current. I had fun reinterpreting an iconic piece from the 80s and I’m honored to be able to perform on stage with an icon of entertainment like Lorella Cuccarini, a woman who made the history of Italian music and TV. I am happy that she has been transported into my world with enthusiasm », said Olly – the singer is preparing, immediately after Sanremo, for the release of Turn, the world turns, the repack of his latest EP the world turns, already available in pre-order, and to come back live with two shows: on April 6 in Milan and on April 16 in Rome (Magellan Concerti).

Source: Vanity Fair

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