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Sanremo 2025: Alessandro Cattelan at the Dopofestival and the evenings that anticipate Sanremo Giovani?

Preparations are underway for Sanremo Festival 2025the fourth with the management and artistic direction of Carlo Conti which, at the time of writing, is working to write the new regulation. Meanwhile, from the rumors and statements from Conti himself, one thing seems certain: the next Sanremo will not end late at night like the last five editions hosted by Amadeus, but much earlier. Carlo Conti, in fact, has never been a big fan of night closings, and this is why he would opt for a more Christian closing time even if Rai Pubblicità is unlikely to resist, considering that the subsequent advertising spots would represent a slice of profit for which would be difficult to give up. From here, as anticipated TvBlog, the idea of ​​dusting off the After festivali.e. the program that follows the Sanremo wave with hot comments and the Big names as guests, and to entrust it to Alessandro Cattelan.

Carlo Conti and Alessandro CattelanMaurizio D’Avanzo / ipa-agency.net

Always second TvBlog in fact, Alessandro Cattelan would be the name on which Rai and Carlo Conti would like to focus, even if there is also talk of Stefano De Martinonext host of Your business, and of Piero Chiambretti. Cattelan, however, being less involved than the other two candidates, would be the most probable name, not to mention that his involvement would not stop only at After festival. In fact, there would also be some in store for him some early evenings preliminaries leading a sort of selection of new singers for the Sanremo young people.

Carlo Conti and Alessandro Cattelan
Carlo Conti and Alessandro CattelanMaurizio D’Avanzo / ipa-agency.net

These are evenings destined for Rai2 which could also lead the host to join the selection commission of the new Sanremo proposals. If you add to that the unconfirmed rumor that could lead Cattelan to take on the role of co-host for an evening of Sanremo 2025 the picture becomes decidedly more complete, and would confirm the intention of wanting to bet everything on Alessandro even if, right now, the priority for Conti and the organization is only one: the new regulation.

Source: Vanity Fair

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