Sanremo and the 10 most memorable looks of the last 10 years

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TO San Remo we talk about songs and singers, all right. But we talk – a lot – also about look. Of style, of clothes, of elegance and even of slip-ups. There are, every year of the Festival, outfits that capture the collective attentionwhich make people chat, which amuse, which arouse controversy endless. And which then cling to the collective memory, entering the history of pop culture of our country.

Sanremo Festival 2023: the first looks at the Ariston (for rehearsals)

Competing champions, new names, guests of the big names involved in the duets: the stars of Sanremo 2023 are starting to arrive on the Riviera. At the general rehearsal they warm up their throats, but also the engines of their looks. Here are the very first

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We – waiting to find out what the 2023 edition of the Festival will reserve for us – wanted to retrace the last 10 years of Sanremoand crown for each edition the most unforgettable look. What animated our discussions, for better or – more often, it is true – for worse. The unforgettable, in conclusion. Here they are all below.


AND Simona Molinari the presence that stands out the most in terms of various crystals and sparkles of this edition of the Festival, which is not particularly memorable in terms of put. But the jazz singer does her best to be remembered, thanks to a series of mini dresses created by the stylist Antonio Martino Couture which, of all the qualities they may have, do not have that of discretion. Like this one, a sort of Mother Christmas costume from dancefloor out of season.

Simona Molinari in 2013 (Photo by NurPhoto/Corbis via Getty Images)

NurPhoto/Getty Images


The creations that a Naomi «first manner» exhibits on the stage of the Ariston. In reality, what causes the most discussion is not so much the dress that is very “Mazinger is getting married”, but the original – we said original, we’re always cute – necklace with which she thought it best to accessorize it. Well oriented, the singer even managed to connect herself with Telemontecarlo.

Naomi in 2014 (Photo by NurPhoto/Corbis via Getty Images)

NurPhoto/Getty Images


Emma Marrone returns to the Ariston stage, but in a completely exceptional capacity, that of co-host alongside her colleague Arisa. Here, speaking of her clothes, it seems – to use a turn of words – that the stylists on this occasion do not queue outside the singer’s dressing room to dress her. So she, armed with good spirits, would have gone on a shopping trip to get the necessary clothes for the kermesse. The most talked about is this gold lace Valentino, which kicks off an avalanche of memes that bother from the twins of Shining down. Very viral.

Emma Marrone in 2015. Ipa photo.

Alberto Terenghi /


A fuss like this hasn’t been seen for years. The debutante Deborah Iurato arrives at the Festival paired with Giovanni Caccamo. And that in itself wouldn’t even be a problem. The fact is that she arrives there in an aubergine-colored dress and tattoo-effect embroidery on her arms that elicits various comments, criticisms and hilarity. The boss, it must be said in all honesty, does not exalt his beauty to the maximum. There is so much talk about it that the designer Francesco Paolo Salerno, self-confessed author of the dress, dissociates himself. From her, from the dress, from the styling, from the dissociable. The unfortunate Iurato just has to make do as he can for the following evenings. With looks that, at least, we don’t remember. And maybe it’s for the best.

Deborah Iurato in 2016 (Photo by Venturelli/Getty Images)

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images


Co-presenter for one evening, the journalist Beloved Leotta amazes public and critics with a decidedly sensual look, signed by the stylist Alberta Ferretti. On the Ariston stage, the blonde presenter delivers a monologue on the subject of cyberbullying, but criticism rains down on her from both sides, including from famous colleagues. It seems that one cannot talk about privacy, violence and bullying with a bralette. It seems. But who established that?! Having said that, however, we cannot forgive the plateaus in any way. Sorry but not sorry.

Diletta Leotta in 2017 (Photo by Venturelli/Getty Images)

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images


Flower among the flowers of the Riviera dei Fiori. In one word, or rather two: Michelle Hunziker. The presenter of this edition of the Festival plays as always in balance between irony and sensuality. With this creation by Moschino, perhaps we are more on the side of irony, but the final effect really works. There is no blog, website, newspaper or magazine that hasn’t published this look. And on the other hand, if this is not published, can you explain to me what should be published?

Michelle Hunziker in 2018. Ipa photo.


Roman singer-songwriter Paola Turks sets the Ariston theater on fire thanks to a completely new concept of tuxedo. Which is short, low-cut, very sexy, overturning the rules of the genre. It must be said that she knows how to wear a decidedly not easy creation like this one, signed by Dsquared2, with commendability. The previous year she sang Make yourself beautiful, an imperative that he literally implemented on this occasion. A woman of her word.

Paola Turci in 2019 (Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/WireImage)

Daniele Venturelli


Alright, you wouldn’t even need to write it: Achilles Laurel in Gucci, with the performance in the early evening in which he emulates – mutatis mutandis and above all change his underpants – St. Francis of Assisi breaks everything, writing a whole new chapter in the recent history of the festival. A performance that goes beyond the concept of like/dislike, and on which everyone, absolutely everyone, had their say. Dorian Gray present? As long as you talk about it…

Achille Lauro in 2020 (Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images )

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images


The Queen of 2021 – the most difficult edition of the Festival, the one in full Covid and without an audience at the Ariston – is undoubtedly Orietta Berti, in GCDS. The gloom of the moment passes for an instant, thanks to her sequins, seashells, capes and all the paraphernalia she gleefully wears on stage. Giving happiness is an art, and she is an artist. Especially the professional memists are unleashed with mussels on their breasts.

Orietta Berti in 2021 (Photo by Jacopo Raule / Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images)

Jacopo Raule / Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images


The song of the 2022 Festival is without a doubt Bye bye. That’s for sure. Of the looks worn by the duo de The list rep this eighteenth-century damina revisited by Moschino is the one that struck the most. Now we want all the Capodimonte figurines like this.

Veronica Lucchesi of The Representative of List in 2022 (Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images )

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Source: Vanity Fair

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