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Sanremo Festival: all the style of the winners

Isn’t Sanremo a Festival for women? Now, we wouldn’t want to exaggerate with peremptory statements, but the statistics speak for themselves: in the past 72 years of the Sanremo Festival, the ladies of Italian music who have triumphed by conquering the final victory are not that many. Or, in any case, they are a minority compared to their male colleagues.

Sanremo Festival, the 10 most unforgettable looks of the last 10 years

Every year, at the Festival, there is an outfit that impresses itself more than the others in the collective memory, never to leave it again. We have collected those of the last decade, from San Francesco to the shells of Orietta, from the dress from which the designer dissociated himself to the megaflower among the flowers


Many female artists who have triumphed in couple – Oxa and Leali, Al Bano and Romina, Ron and Tosca, to name a few – even in the more remote past, when the same song was presented by two distinct interpreters, associated by the record companies. Some of them frontwoman Of groups, from Matia Bazar to the Rich and the Poor. But the interpreters as well or the solo songwriters they really were rare and precious stones, on the top step of the Sanremo podium. The latest in chronological order, for example, was Arisa, way back in 2014. We wanted to list them all below, in strict chronological order from the most recent to the oldest, in a sort of tribute to the female quota of the Festival. Also remembering the clothes with which they raised the lotus trophy to the sky. A parade of talent, creativity, skill and – why not? – style: the history of the Sanremo Festival through the outfits of the ladies of Italian music who won it.

Arise, in 2014

Minimal and austere like this, Arisa, we never saw her again. Jil Sander signature looks help focus all attention on the artist’s voice and performance. Which, in fact, hits the mark with Upwind.

Arise. Ipa photo.

Maurizio D Avanzo / ipa-agency.net

Emma in 2012

Emma wins by singing It’s not hell. All right, but the C’N’C’ Costume National look isn’t even heaven. It doesn’t help the ex voto around her neck, a bit punkabbestia and a bit devout. The singer will make up for it in the following years, with more appropriate outfits.

Emma Brown (Photo by Venturelli/Getty Images)

Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

Lola Ponce with Giò di Tonno, in 2008

Lola who? In the file of alas somewhat forgotten winners, we find the pairing formed by Argentina and the Marches. Even her all-gold suit by John Galliano, unfortunately, didn’t get into our heads. Our fault or the dress? The only one Lightning strikehere, is the title of the winning song.

Giò Di Tonno and Lola Ponce. Ipa photo.

Alberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

Alexia in 2003

You can’t get more years of the 2000s than this. The singer breaks the bank at the Ariston with To say no. Do we feel entitled too, therefore, to say “no” to this look by Giorgio Armani? Thing is, by now the outfit has made the rounds, and would still be incredibly trendy today. Cycle and recycle.

Alexia. Ipa photo.

Alberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

I Matia Bazar, in 2002

It almost looks like a photo of those in the churchyard: the bride’s relatives on the right and the groom’s on the left. That we are in the middle of the 2000s is told by the shoes that peek out from the dress, so pointed as to seem temperate.

I Matia baza. Ipa photo.

Alberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

Elise, in 2001

An outfit, for the singer of Light, entered history despite its absolute simplicity: T-shirt, comfortable trousers and sneakers. All white. From him, however, he also had an unforgettable piece and an inimitable voice. Other than outfits.

Elise. Ipa photo.

Alberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

Anna Oxa, in 1999

The only queen of the Festival, in her irrepressible and irrepressible evolution of sound and look. In Gucci triumphs (with) Mercilessly. Much has been written about thongs and oiled skin. In reality, what still remains today is an iconic image built artfully, with wisdom, in a conscious and perfect way, as no one does (almost) anymore.

Anna Oxa (Photo by Rino Petrosino/Mondadori via Getty Images)

Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Annalisa Minetti, in 1998

Power suits in velvet and white shirt. Nothing more and nothing less. A completely different matter for the animalier tuft, stracult, with which the singer triumphed on the notes of Without you or with you.

Annalisa Minetti. Ipa photo.

Alberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

The Jalisses, in 1997

Yet believe me, sooner or later someone will have the courage to re-evaluate this legendary look. And it could even be me, but maybe I don’t feel like it yet. But believe me: he really wasn’t as bad as he was portrayed and consigned to memory.

The Jalisses (Photo by Rino Petrosino/Mondadori via Getty Images)

Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Tosca, with Ron, in 1996

A velvet bodice with an ethnic flavor print, and a long empire cut dress. Better the song – I would like to meet you in a hundred years – it must be admitted.

Ron and Tosca. Ipa photo.

Alberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

Georgia, in 1995

A look more suitable for the notary’s deed than for the Ariston stage. But, with the voice that is found, and with How would I know hummed from all over Italy, what do you want Giorgia to care about the outfit?! Ultimately, she was right.

Georgia. Ipa photo.

Maurizio D’Avanzo Arc / ipa-agency.net

Anna Oxa, with Fausto Leali, in 1989

Of the thousand transformations of Anna Oxa, the one worn for her first victory is perhaps the most sophisticated and sober. To design her clothes, which are a prelude to minimalism new age from the nineties, is Alberta Ferretti. Fluid second-skin dresses that follow the singer’s stride, emphasizing her sensuality like an echo of hers.

Anna Oxa and Fausto Leali. Ipa photo.

Alberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

The Rich and the Poor, in 1985

A fabulous jumpsuit, shimmering in pink, light blue, pearl and silver: the eternal brunette of the Ricchi e Poveri, born Angela Brambati, gives us one of the put more Eighties ever passed on the stage of the Ariston. He sang If I fall in loveand we had a real love at first sight for her look by Regina Schrecker.

The Rich and the Poor. Ipa photo.

Alberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

Romina, with Al Bano, in 1984

A tropical vision, with that orchid framing her wonderful face: Romina triumphs singing with her Al Bano It will be. Here’s another one of those dresses that have made us turn up our noses for decades and which we see again today and suddenly seem i know cool. You just need to know how to wait, to rediscover yourself as a style icon.

Al Bano and Romina Power. Ipa photo.

Alberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

Tiziana Rivale, in 1983

The singer in the tuxedo shirt and bow tie. She won with Whatever will be, will be. It was that that androgynous look with a touch of irony has been – and continues to be – reinterpreted a thousand times by all the brands.

Tiziana Rivale. Wikimedia Commons photo.

Alice in 1981

Black leather trousers and an ethno chic touch: a scarf around your neck and go!

Alice. Ipa photo.

Alberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

Matia Bazar, in 1978

What a show: at the end of the seventies Antonella Ruggiero, front lady of the Genoese group, makes us fall in love with …and say hello!the winning song, and its gold sequin mini tuxedo that looks like it came out of Cabaret. Imagine him wearing Elodie today, for example… We understood each other, didn’t we?

The Matia Bazaars. Ipa photo.

Alberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

Guild, in 1975

Those were the darkest and most forgotten years of the Festival. Thus, of the winner, of hers Southern girl and of his dress we remember absolutely nothing.

Gilda (Photo by Mondadori via Getty Images)

Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Iva Zanicchi, in 1974

A little Spanish, and a little drama queen. Have some.

VAT Zanicchi. Ipa photo.

Alberto Terenghi / ipa-agency.net

Nada, with Nicola Di Bari, in 1971

Today Nada is a rocker with an unmistakable and biting voice, but also with a decisive look. When she won with The heart and a gypsy, not yet of age, however, wore the romantic clothes of a doll in tulle. How do you change.

Nicholas of Bari and Nada (Photo by Mondadori via Getty Images)

Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Claudia Mori, with Adriano Celentano, in 1970

Technically it is a little black dressthat of the winner with Who does not work does not make love. But the cascade of necklaces can make the difference.

Claudia Mori. Ipa photo.

Iva Zanicchi, with Bobby Solo, in 1969

All the most refined elegance of the Sixties in the beautiful dress of the Emilian singer, who triumphs with Gypsy. She could also have worn a fringed shawl with embroidered flowers. And instead…

Wikimedia Commons photo.

Iva Zanicchi, with Claudio Villa, in 1967

Sober, elegant, chic: this is how Ligonchio’s eagle at its first (out of three) festival victory.

Iva Zanicchi and Claudio Villa (Photo by: Marka/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Marka/Getty Images

Gigliola Cinquetti, with Domenico Modugno, in 1966

The ones that adorn the dress of the winner of this edition of the Festival with the song look like small fringes of beads God how I love you. We thought so too seeing her outfit.

Wikimedia Commons photo.

Gigliola Cinquetti and Patrizia Carli, in 1964

The evening dresses left in the wardrobe, the two winners opt instead for bon ton dresses. On the other hand they sing I’m not old enough. What did you expect: slits and necklines?

Gigliola Cinquetti and Patricia Carli (Photo by Mondadori via Getty Images)

Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Betty Curtis, in 1961

Here, a fine example of the legendary elegance of the sixties.

Betty Curtis. Ipa photo.

/ ipa-agency.net

Franca Raimondi, in 1956

For the triumphant with the song Open the windows, a dress that we warmly suggest to today’s brands to copy verbatim. Charming.

Franca Raimondi (Photo by Mondadori via Getty Images)

Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Carla Boni and Flo Sandon’s, in 1953

Raise your hand if you see these clothes and don’t feel nostalgic for the Fifties.

Carla Boni, left, and Flo Sandon’s, right (Photo by Mondadori via Getty Images)

Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Nilla Pizi, with Achille Togliani, in 1952

A dress strapless with delicate embroidery. Which, look at it, is so reminiscent of a palm tree.

Ipa photo.

Nilla Pizzi, in 1951

The story of the Festival, its winners and elegance at the Ariston starts here. From Grazie dei fior and a clear dress, very simple and simply perfect.

Ipa photo.

Source: Vanity Fair

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