Sanremo, Gaudiano speaks: “I still struggle to believe I won”

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Sanremo Young it ended on Friday evening, when Beatrice Venezi made her announcement. To win, ahead of Davide Shorty, Wrongonyou and Folcast, was Gaudiano, her eyes shining and her voice uncertain in saying the first thanks. “I dedicate the victory to my family, to my father,” he said on the fourth evening of the Festival, hurriedly leaving the stage of the Ariston. “I closed my eyes very late last night. The adrenaline led me to live the evening with emotion, inside me I was very euphoric.

The situation we are experiencing forces us and not to vent happiness, not to celebrate. I went back to the room and tried to internalize, but I struggle. I struggle to match the image of the boy I see in the newspapers, with the prize in hand, with my inner self», He explained Saturday morning, with an emotion that the night could not erase.

«We arrived on Friday evening after a very long journey, which gave us the opportunity to consolidate a beautiful relationship between us. There is a lot of respect between us, and I for one love the songs of the other three finalists “, admitted Gaudiano, explaining how the victory could have come for the realism of his Gunpowder. “When I turned the phone back on, I got a lot of love. Therefore, I believe I have won. The truth of which my song is the daughter was my trump card, people recognized themselves in my words. Like my colleagues, I think I have been able to express a personal experience in a universal way and, in a moment in which hits are chasing each other, I believe that the introspection, mine and of all the finalists, has paid off. From a musical point of view, the contrast was sought: I did not want to emphasize the drama of the text with an even more dramatic arrangement », he explained, recounting the emotionality of the piece as a transposition of his own personal emotionality. “The death of my father, Ciro was his name, was a traumatic event, which I still find it hard to carry with me today. I have a hard time letting things slip on me. For me, when there is an action, the reaction is equal and opposite. My reaction, when he passed away, was proportional to the pain I experienced », said Gaudiano, promising not to betray himself, his emotions, a feeling that the theater has taught him to channel. «The theater remains an expressive form that I don’t want to give up. I will continue to pursue this path, parallel to the discographic and songwriting discourse ».

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