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Santa Claus kisses everyone, the photos on the billboards of Naples

Santa Claus kisses everyone: a drag queen, an African American, a boy and an elderly lady. On the billboards, along the streets of Naples, appear four shots by photographer Luca Cacciapuoti, which are part of the «Unconventional Xmas» campaign.

«I’ve always thought that love chooses people and nothing else. The idea of ​​representing Santa’s kiss in four beautiful shots came to me after learning about the sinking of the Zan bill ”, explains Diego Di Flora, creative and art director of the photographic campaign, former artistic director of Napoli Pride. «I had promised myself I wanted to communicate love in all its forms and therefore I thought of doing it with Santa Claus and his hypothetical loves. In the simplest way we have to show someone we love them: with a kiss ».

The message is promoted by Faber Italia, a Campania company that produces coffee machines. “They will try to distract you, to repress your impulses, to gag your mouth. Never hide your essence, your aroma, with the most intimate expression you can. Love whoever you want»Explains CEO Fabio Teti. “This is the message we want to launch with this campaign.”

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