Santa Maria Capua Vetere, the new videos of the “mattanza”

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L’“Ignoble slaughter” described by several videos. To confirm the beatings of the agents of the prison of Santa Maria Capua Vetere of 6 April 2020 are the videos of the surveillance cameras. Twenty to one in the corridor of the cells, three against one in the stairwell: the new videos published by Repubblica show that it was a real punitive raid. The day before, in the prison, there was a protest because there were no masks and for fear that among the inmates there was a positive about Covid.

In the social area the agents suddenly burst in, while the inmates play table football: equipped with helmets, batons and shields, they order the inmates to put “Everyone face the wall,” then the beating begins (an officer also uses the crutches of one of the inmates to beat another). Finally, they try to tidy up the room. Yet another video shows the officers smug after beating up the inmates of the Nile ward: they beat the batons on the shields as a triumphal gesture.

A new video shows an inmate who passes out, remains on the ground and is rescued with absolute calm by agents and doctors. Another recluse is also seen thrown to the ground on the stairs, lifted by force, and shot.

According to the Campania guarantor of persons deprived of their liberty, Samuele Ciambirello, investigators are already in possession of “even more gruesome” videos of those already published. Ciambirello learned about it from the inmates he met in prison: it was from their stories that the complaint that led to the investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office originated, leading to the arrest of twenty-six prison officers and officers and to as many interdictions. , including that of the regional administrator of the Dap Antonio Fullone.

The “extraordinary search”, together with the agents of Santa Maria Capua Vetere and their commander Gaetano Manganelli, was conducted by the head of the Special Support Group set up just a month earlier by Fullone, and coordinated by Pasquale Colucci, who also leads the penitentiary of the Naples-Secondigliano prison. And Colucci, a manager also accused of fakes and misdirection, tried to prevent the prosecutor from acquiring the videos in every way.

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