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Santander plans a new ERE for 3,000 employees and the unions rebel: “Dynamite social dialogue”

 The bank has already communicated to the workers’ representatives its intention to adjust the workforce within a cost saving plan that aims to alleviate the effect of the pandemic on its income statement, according to ‘Expansión’.

However, the unions deny the major and point out that they have learned of the news through the economic newspaper. CCOO sources warn that, if the news is confirmed, “it would blow up the bases of social dialogue.” “CCOO expresses its strongest rejection of a way of acting that blows up all the bridges with the bank’s majority union,” he laments.

For its part, UGT also denies having knowledge of the new cut. “Neither agreement, nor information. We have been asking for explanations since seven in the morning,” they point out from this formation.

A spokesman for the largest Spanish bank rules out comment and does not deny that the group is studying carrying out the ERE. It would be the second in less than a year, after the departure of 3,069 employees was closed last November, aimed at reducing the duplications that had occurred after the absorption of Banco Popular.

The president of the group, Ana BotÃ, He did not refer to the new staff adjustment during his speech before the Group’s General Shareholders’ Meeting held on Tuesday. “As soon as there is a proposal, the workers’ representatives will be the first to know about it,” he answered a question from one of the group’s shareholders.

The banker has confirmed the need to accelerate the digital transformation of the entity due to Covid and has developed the three new initiatives in which the group is working to redesign its operation: the construction of a common operating model at a global level, the creation of a global bank in consumer finance and the enhancement of its payment platform.

Santander is confident of achieving cost savings of € 1 billion in two years unifying its services and processes. This amount will be concentrated in Europe and will entail staff adjustments and the closure of branches in the United Kingdom, Poland, Spain or Portugal to adapt to the new realities of the business, has detailed the CEO, Josà Antonio lvarez.

Santander registered some losses of 9,048 million euros between January and September 2020, due to the higher provisions made to mitigate the impact of covid-19 and due to the adjustments made in the second quarter of the year, the entity has informed the CNMV today.

This result, which contrasts with the 3,700 million it earned a year earlier, is due to the updating of the goodwill of its historical investments and deferred tax assets (DTAs) carried out in the past quarter, which generated a charge extraordinary of 12,600 million euros.

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