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Santoro, Seu Jorge and Gagliasso: meet the cast of “Corrida dos Bichos”

Prime Video revealed this Monday (13) that the recordings of “Animal Race” , a new Brazilian film from the streaming service in partnership with O2 Filmes, starts on Wednesday (15). The film is directed by Ernesto Solis who is also responsible for the script, Rodrigo Pesavento and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Fernando Meirelles .

Additionally, names like Bruno Gagliasso , Thank you Massafera , Isis Valverde , John Guilherme , Leandro Firmino , Matheus Abreu , Rodrigo Santoro , Your Jorge It is Silvero Pereira were confirmed in the cast.

The production is set in Rio de Janeiro, in a dystopian future, where the animal game has evolved and each animal is now represented by a parkour runner in search of a million-dollar prize. In the plot, a fearless young man must win a race to save his sister's life.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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