São Paulo City Hall launches electronic version of identity for pets

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The city of São Paulo launched today (13) an electronic version of the General Animal Registry (RGA) for the pets of the municipalities. The document will be available from the 15th and will be more modern and attractive to tutors. Identification is mandatory in the city since 2001 and is issued online, free of charge. The document, stamped and numbered, presents, in addition to the animal’s data, information about the guardian.

According to Mayor Ricardo Nunes, the city of São Paulo seeks to strengthen public policy on animal protection to meet the population’s demands and facilitate access to them. “We are in a city that likes and takes care of its animals. It is necessary to keep a special eye on everyone, as entities that help protect animals do, such as, for example, the International Union for the Protection of Animals (Uipa), which has been in existence for 126 years”, he said.

The service offered by the Animal Health and Protection Coordination Judgmentestico (Cosap) works as an identity card for pets and is issued to dogs and cats over the age of three months. The registered animal receives a plate with the corresponding registration number and must wear it permanently attached to the collar.

The electronic RGA, in addition to being modern, is yet another incentive to identify animals in the municipality. “It is essential that tutors take the RGA and keep the nameplate on their dogs and cats. Many lost or stolen animals were able to find their families again because they had their identification tag attached to their collar,” said Cosap coordinator Analy Xavier.

To make the document, you need the guardian’s RG and CPF, proof of residence updated in the name of the guardian (issued in the last 90 days), photo of the animal and proof of vaccination against rabies, if any. Request can be made. online through the SP156 Portal.

For the citizen who prefers, the service can also be requested in person. For this, it is necessary to go to one of the city hall’s service stations and present the necessary documents. If it is done in person, it is necessary to schedule time in one of the 17 municipal service centers. More information by calling 156.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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