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São Paulo may have a new record of cold this week, warn meteorologists

The city of São Paulo could break a new record this week: that of coldest day of the year , as reported by Climatempo. The expectation is that the capital of São Paulo will record minimums below 7ºC due to a mass of polar air that crosses some areas of the country.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the cold front is advancing through São Paulo in the Thursday (18)bringing heavy rains and strong winds.

The expectation is that the record of cold occurs on Saturday (20), according to Climatempo.

“Temperatures will remain very low over the weekend and the feeling will be cold in almost all regions of São Paulo. On Saturday, there is a chance of a new cold record of the year in the capital of São Paulo”, says a note sent by Climatempo.

The phenomenon occurs a few days after the capital of São Paulo recorded the hottest afternoon of this winter, on Tuesday (16), with a maximum temperature of 29.5ºC, according to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet). The record temperature was measured at 4 pm, at Mirante de Santana, in the North Zone.

“The city of São Paulo will start Friday (19) with 15°C and the temperature only drops until it reaches 9°C at night. There will be no temperature rise throughout the day, as normally happens.

cold records

The coldest day this year in São Paulo so far was recorded on May 18, when the capital had a minimum of 7ºC and a maximum of 12.9ºC, says Climatempo.

According to the Center for Climate Emergency Management of the City of São Paulo (CGE), the lowest temperature was recorded on May 20, when the Capela do Socorro weather station, in the extreme south of the country, marked 1.1°. Absolute minimum temperature C – that measured in just one point.

Source: CNN Brasil

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